What Is The CCI Care Transaction On Your Bank Statement?


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What Is The CCI Care Transaction On Your Bank Statement

The CCI Care transaction on your bank statement refers to a charge from Care.com, a platform offering a range of care services. This may cover subscription fees for accessing child, senior, pet care, or housekeeping service listings. It is a payment for either monthly or yearly membership or a one time service booking through their website.

Ever glanced at your bank statement and spotted a mysterious charge labeled CCI CARE.COM, Let’s unravel this puzzle together. This charge usually ties back to a subscription or service fee for finding trusted caregivers online, ranging from child to pet care. Stick around to learn how it lands on your statement and ways to manage it!

What is CCI CARE.COM charge?

The CCI CARE.COM charge on your bank statement is likely tied to a subscription or a service fee for accessing their platform. This platform connects families with caregivers for a variety of services including child, senior, and pet care, as well as housekeeping.

If you have recently noticed such a charge, it is probably for the monthly or yearly subscription plan you have chosen, or for a one time booking fee for services rendered. CCI CARE.COM makes finding reliable care easier, but it is essential to keep track of the subscriptions and services you sign up for.

Why did CCI CARE.COM charge me?

Why did CCI CARE.COM charge me

You likely saw a CCI CARE.COM charge on your statement because you have either subscribed to their service or paid a fee for booking a caregiver. This platform offers a variety of care services, and charges appear as subscription renewals or one-time service fees.

If you have utilized CCI CARE.COM to find a caregiver for child care, senior care, pet care, or housekeeping, the charge is for the valuable connection and convenience the platform provides. each booking or subscription plan has its cost, reflected on your bank statement.

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Common Causes of CCI Care Transactions

CCI CARE.COM transactions often pop up on bank statements for a few common reasons, reflecting charges for services or subscriptions related to caregiving.

Subscription Fees:

Many users incur charges from CCI CARE.COM for their monthly or yearly subscription fees. These plans grant access to a wide range of caregiving services.

One time Booking Fees:

If you book a caregiver for a specific service, CCI CARE.COM charges a one time fee. This cost covers the platform’s facilitation of the service.

Service Renewals:

Automatic renewal of subscriptions can result in unexpected charges. CCI CARE.COM’s memberships renew unless canceled before the renewal date.

Additional Services:

Opting for extra services or premium features within the platform leads to additional charges. These could include background checks or expedited service.

Cancellation Fees:

Some plans might include cancellation fees if you decide to terminate the service before the subscription period ends, resulting in a final charge on your statement.

How to avoid future charges from CCI CARE.COM?

How to avoid future charges from CCI CARE.COM

To dodge future charges from CCI CARE.COM, start by canceling any subscriptions or memberships you no longer need. Simply log into your account, navigate to the “Account” section, and follow the instructions to cancel.

keep an eye on your booking habits. If you are not planning to use their services soon, avoid making new bookings. Regularly reviewing your subscription and service use can help prevent unexpected charges.

Is CCI CARE.COM a legitimate company?

Yes, CCI CARE.COM is a legitimate company, well established since 2006, offering a trusted platform for families to find caregivers for a variety of needs. They’ve built a solid reputation in the care industry, supporting families and caregivers alike.

Their legitimacy is further affirmed by positive coverage in major media outlets and a strong Trustpilot rating. These accolades reflect their commitment to providing reliable and secure care services, making them a reputable choice for care solutions.

What are the benefits of using CCI CARE.COM?

Using CCI CARE.COM brings several benefits, from finding reliable caregivers to ensuring the safety of your loved ones with their comprehensive vetting process.

Wide Range of Services:

CCI CARE.COM caters to diverse care needs, including child, senior, pet care, and housekeeping. It is a one stop shop for all your caregiving requirements.

Vetting Process:

They conduct thorough background checks and verifications, ensuring that every caregiver is qualified and trustworthy, giving you peace of mind.

Easy Booking System:

Easy Booking System

The platform’s user friendly interface allows for easy browsing, hiring, and managing caregivers, streamlining the process of finding the right help.

Secure Payments:

CCI CARE.COM offers a secure payment system, protecting your financial information and simplifying the payment process for services rendered.

Customer Support:

Around the clock customer support is available to assist with any questions or issues, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for both families and caregivers.

CCI charge on credit card

A CCI charge on your credit card typically indicates a payment made for services accessed through CCI CARE.COM, a platform connecting families with caregivers. This could cover subscription fees for using their service or one time fees for specific bookings.

To manage or dispute such charges, it is important to first understand the nature of the transaction whether it is for a monthly subscription, service renewal, or a particular caregiver booking. Contacting CCI CARE.COM’s customer support can provide clarity and assist in resolving any issues with charges.

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Tips for Managing CCI Care Transactions

Tips for Managing CCI Care Transactions

Managing CCI Care transactions effectively requires staying informed and proactive about your subscriptions and service usage.

Review Statements Regularly: Keep an eye on your bank or credit card statements to spot any CCI Care charges promptly.

Understand Subscription Details: Be clear about the terms of your subscription, including renewal dates and cancellation policies.

Contact Customer Support: For any unexpected charges, reach out to CCI Care’s customer support for clarification or dispute resolution.

Use In Platform Notifications: Enable notifications within the CCI Care platform to get alerts about upcoming renewals or charges.

Cancel Unneeded Services: If you no longer require CCI Care’s services, cancel your subscription or membership well ahead of the next billing cycle to avoid future charges.

Frequently asked question

What services or purchases typically result in a CCI Care charge?

Services or purchases that lead to a CCI Care charge usually include subscription fees for accessing their caregiving platform or one time fees for booking a caregiver for child, senior, pet care, or housekeeping services.

What steps should I take if I suspect an error with a CCI Care charge?

If you suspect an error with a CCI Care charge, immediately review your account details and bookings on the CCI Care platform, then contact their customer support for clarification and assistance.

How can I find more details about a CCI Care transaction on my statement?

To find more details about a CCI Care transaction on your statement, check the date and amount against your email receipts or account history on the CCI Care website, where every transaction should be recorded.

Is CCI Care a legitimate charge on my account?

Yes, a CCI Care charge is legitimate, originating from using their platform to find and book caregivers. It is recognized for providing a valuable service connecting families with caregivers, backed by positive reviews and media coverage.


A CCI Care transaction on your bank statement typically signifies a payment for services accessed through the CCI CARE.COM platform. This could be a subscription fee for monthly or annual access to their caregiving services or a one time booking fee for hiring a caregiver for child, senior, pet care, or housekeeping.

These charges reflect the use of CCI CARE.COM’s platform to connect families with trustworthy caregivers. It is essential to keep track of any subscriptions you have or services you use on the platform to understand these transactions. For any concerns or discrepancies, reaching out to CCI CARE.COM’s customer support is the best course of action.

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